Maxi Series


The structure is made out of high-quality steel that ensures the high stability,all the three axises are using imported straight-square rail.
Y axis uses double-motor in-phase drive that ensure the machine equality and smoothly running.
Using high accurate pinion and rack transmission.
Spindle adopts high performance 3 Kw water-cooling motor, which is very powerful and with little noise .It can work continueously without maintaining.
Intelligent protection for working table that can prevent misuse or software errors from damaging the surface. Its protection of step beyond the boundary avoids crashing while design area beyond processing area.
Advanced industrial controlling system is compatible to many dictate formats that can operate after breakdown or next day processing so it is very convenient.


Model  H-1325, M25B
X,Y Working Area 1300mmx2500mm
Gantry Height 200mm
X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy ±0.05/300mm
X,Y,Z Repositioning Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm
Table Surface PVC  ,T-Slot
Frame Gantry structure is Tight and Heavy , Total  welded tubular steel structure, less vibration while fast speed moving
X, Y Movement Rack and Pinion,square Rails,Taiwan
Z Movement Ball Screw, Round Rails, Taiwan
Max.Power Consumption (With spindle) 5.0Kw
Max Travel Rate 25000mm/min
Max.Working Speed 18000mm/min
Spindle Power Motor 3.00Kw Water cooled spindle
Spindle Speed 0 – 24000RPM
Drive Motors Stepper Motors, Using quality sensor switch, improve the machine working safety .Y adopt double driving. Big power sub-division motors keep stable moving, improve the working efficiency.
Working Voltage AC380/50Hz,3PH
Command Language G Code
Control System PUSH IN type DSP with USB interface. Handy operation, read file fast. It will start the work automatically at the point from which the power cut off. More intelligent.
Interface USB
Flash Memory 128M(U Disk for DSP system only)
Collet ER20
Software Compatibility Type3 software, Artcam software,mastercam,etc….
Weight(appx) 1000 Kg
Optional 3.00Kw Italian HSD spindle,Ganty 300mm,Servomotor,Single phase power supply,working area 1500mm x 3000mm.
Additional Attachments 2.2kw Dust collector,vaccum table 5.5kw pump Chinese/German,Mistccoling,Tool Sensor,Mist cooling,Automatic Lubrication System.200 mm