CAD CAM Softwares

ArtCAM is a powerful 2D, 2.5D and simple 3D machining solution for professional CNC engravers and router users.

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Designs can either be created using ArtCAM Insignia’s comprehensive vector drawing tools or imported from other graphics packages as dwg, eps, dxf or ai. Bitmap images and scanned files (bmp, tif, jpg and gif) can also be imported, vectorized

and edited.

Word-processing style Text entry and editing with letter, word and paragraph formatting (uses True Type Fonts). True Shape Nesting of vector outlines to maximize material usage and minimize waste.

Machining strategies include – pocketing, profile cutting, centreline marking, V-Carving, 3D Raised Bevel, automatic Inserts & Inlays, engraving with corner sharpening and simple drilling routines.

Realistic 3D and 2D toolpath simulation lets you verify all cutterpaths before sending them to the CNC machine.

Postprocessors for most standard G-code based control systems – contact software supplier for complete list. Limited 4 axis rotary postprocessor support – contact supplier for details. Delcam Post Processor can be used for most advanced Post

For more details on different software modules ,kindly contact us.

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