3D Scanner

Working Principle:

3D Laser Scanner is based on the optical triangulation principle. Use double -CCD camera to capture the scanning belt on the surface of object provided by the laser knife, and send the datas into PC to process. Via it, we can get the accurate 3D coordinate of the object, and convert them into digits. The serials of machines are used abroad in the lines of digital design and manufacturing.


1.Non-contact measurement.2.High speed and high automatic.3.Double -CCD measurement can reduce the blind spots of measuring4.The point cloud can compose the gray scale for carving automatically5.It can output the files in formats of  ASC, IGES, DXF, STL etc. Integration of 3D Laser Line Scanner and CNC Router:We can install the 3D Laser Scanner to CNC Router, realize integration of them, so to save cost of hardware platform. It is applied abroad in the profession of wood carving, stone carving, jade carving and other industries .

We can provide different standards of laser scanning which users needs probely.

The depth of measure 60-220mm, measurement accuracy ± 0.02-0.1mm, the speed of measuring 6,000,000-15,000,000 Point/ h. 3D Laser Line Scanner

3D Laser Line Scanner Application:

3D Laser scanner can scan and measure the objects as well as moulds rapidly, such as wooden moulds, mud moulds, wax moulds, plaster cast, silicone mold etc. The laser line scan system have a wide range of applications in the digital design and manufacture.It can establish CAD moulds of the 3D objects. It’s applied abroad in areas of Auto, Motorcycle, Home Appliance, Sporting Equipments, Joy, Furniture, Anthropometry, Costumes and shoes & hats design, Cultural Relics and Antique, image and figure of body, ceramic, crafts, 3D cartoon, games, dummy environment, Reparative Medicine, medicolegal expertise, e-business etc.

Model Specification:
BT-2530LS1)Scan area per time: Width-25mm, Depth-30mm;2)Max. scan area: Depth-220mm, precision ±0.05mm;3)FeatureSupporting far range scan, max. working speed >7,000,000 dots/hour.

BT-4545LS1)Scan area per time: Width-45mm, Depth-45mm;2)Max. scan area: Depth-120mm, precision ±0.05mm;3)FeatureHigh working speed, max. working speed >13,000,000 dots/hour.

BT-2025LS1)Scan area per time: Width-20mm, Depth-25mm;2)Max. scan area: Depth-120mm, precision ±0.03mm;3)FeatureMax. working speed >6,000,000 dots/hour.BT-3030LS1)Scan area per time: Width-30mm, Depth-30mm;2)Max. scan area: Depth-95mm, precision ±0.02mm;3)FeatureHigh precision, max. working speed >9,000,000 dots/hour. Remark:If you are interested in this equipment and need to know more details, please feel free to contact with us. Thank you for your kind attention!